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Why Is A Lawyer Important When Dealing With A Slip And Fall Injury?

When thinking about slip and fall incidents, the first thing that comes to mind is the cartoon animated joke of someone slipping on banana peel. Although, in those shows the character often laughs off the injury, when in reality a slip and fall injury can have painful results, definitely not as funny in person. Slip and fall injuries are probably some of the most common injuries to happen. In the United States, approximately more than a million people have to go to the emergency room every year as a result of a slip and fall injury, that means almost more than 2,000 people die everyday!

Even though these cases happen often, the tricky part is proving negligence leading up to the injury and being able to create a strong case to get compensation according to a personal injury lawyer with our friends at Brandy Austin Law Firm. This is the part in which getting a lawyer and having proper representation is important. These cases are proven to be difficult to win because under most circumstances there is no fault and it is simply a bad series of events and other times it can be because the party who you are trying to bring a lawsuit against refutes the claims you make. Due to this reason, you should expect the other party to use strategies to avoid paying you. They can even try to argue that your injuries were the result of your own negligence. 

Importance Of A Lawyer:

As discussed previously, a slip and fall case is difficult to win and without proper legal representation you are in for an uphill battle! The reason a lawyer is going to prove to be important in your case is because they will understand how to present the evidence in a convincing manner; which will help increase the odds of getting compensation. Now I know you might be wondering to yourself what evidence you might need to buckle down on the claim, some key pieces of evidence that will be important include:

  1. Taking pictures of where the incident occurred
  2. Receiving medical attention; this is will help create a documentation of your injuries right away

After you start the process with those two steps, the next thing to do would be to hire a lawyer and they will takeover to do the following steps:

  1. Your lawyer will start with requesting your medical records
  2. Compile witness statements, photos, and videos from the place where your injury took place

Not only is a lawyer important when looking to create a strong but they are vital when looking to establish to prove the duty of care responsibilities, negligence, and causation of your injury and because these type of cases are common, they also tend to vary from every new case and understanding how to best represent your unique case is the duty of your lawyer. Apart from their guidance throughout the legal technicalities, you also get to benefit from their experience when dealing with lawsuits, victims, and insurance companies, which will be important when looking to seek adequate compensation. 

We understand many people might believe that they represent themselves in slip and fall cases but in most circumstances this proves to be more stressful for you and you most likely will not be able to achieve the same results a lawyer could have. Getting representation will be useful because your legal team will be able to recognize the vulnerable points in your case and strengthen these points so they do not potentially harm you through the proceedings of your lawsuit.